Meet Khyber: the Plant-Based Wonder Dog!

Named after “Khyber’s Pass”—a beautiful trail in Whistler, BC—Khyber is the four-legged inspiration for all we do. He loves his 100% plant-based diet and is living, breathing proof that a dog can be healthy, fit, powerful… and plant-based!

To help keep Khyber happy and healthy, we’ve created all-natural dog treats that are made with only the very best, human-grade, plant-based ingredients. Other dog foods and snacks are often made with low quality ingredients and loaded with additives, cheap fillers and in some cases even synthetic preservatives—yikes! We simply couldn’t get on board with that, and instead hold ourselves to the highest standards…





We use only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Not only are they Khyber approved, we taste test our recipes and think they're delicious too!


Our dog treats and food toppers are crafted with 100% cruelty free, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients, leaving a better future to tomorrow's pups.



Our promise? Total transparency in everything we make so you can be confident that you're giving your dog the best nutrition for a long, happy, healthy life!

More exciting dog treats and pet supplies coming soon!

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At Khyber’s Dog Company, we make premium, eco-friendly, 100% plant-based dog treats and toppers to help reduce your pup’s paw print. For your pup, for our planet.